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GMAT Registration: When Should you Schedule your GMAT?

Good question. This comes up with every GMAT student and the answer is that it depends. First off, if you haven’t done any GMAT preparation and you don’t have the GMATprep software yet then it would be a good idea to start your study program by completing your GMAT registration

If you haven’t started your GMAT studying then you may want to wait to schedule the

Yes, it may feel good to get the GMAT date all set but it may be better to take some time to take a GMAT practice test so that you can take stock of where you are and make an informed decision about how much time it will take to reach your ideal GMAT score.

Be realistic and give yourself enough time to study

What did you get on your GMAT diagnostic? What is your score goal? If there’s a big gap be thinking 3 months minimum of consistent GMAT studying. Yes, I have seen amazing increases in 6 weeks but in general learning takes time. Be honest about how much time you have to study and how quickly you learn. Don’t worry if you are a slower learner.  How quickly you learn has no bearing on what your final GMAT score can be.

Let’s get that GMAT Scheduled!

Provided that you have taken a practice test and considered how much GMAT studying you may need, I am in favor of scheduling your GMAT exam as soon as possible. Why? Scheduling a test can help focus your studying: each day starts to really matter as the time ticks away towards test day. Also, if you schedule in advance you’ll have a better chance of getting the date and time that you want.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself more time

A few extra weeks of GMAT practice tests and solidifying can make a huge difference in your GMAT score. Don’t rush in the end of your GMAT preparation just because you have a GMAT date set.


GMAT Test Preparation Courses All Across Nigeria, including Free Practice Exam Tests

Proven Test-Taking Strategies

Our highly trained, dynamic erudite instructor focus on effective test-taking strategies. We thoroughly review all topics covered by the exam. During the course, you will be exposed to a variety of strategies and questions which include:

  • In-depth review of all GMAT math concepts
  • Critical reading of verbal reasoning passage
  • Effective diagramming techniques
  • Practical math problem solving strategies
  • Drawing proper inferences and deductions
  • Synthesizing concepts and ideas
  • Learning to recognize wrong answer types among GMAT questions
  • Writing clear and concise GMAT essays using effective structure
  • Working strategically under strict timing conditions
  • Developing an effective personal GMAT study schedule

Our well-designed course curriculum is dynamic, interactive, and taught by experienced instructors who provide continuity in the learning process as you advance from one skill set to the next.

In order to expose you to the latest test format, questions from recent GMAT tests will be taken up in class. Our materials are constantly updated to reflect the most recent changes in the exam. Thus, you will be able to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses (whether in the math, verbal, integrated reasoning, or essay sections of the test) and focus on those areas and questions where you need the most practice. We stand firmly behind our total immersion approach to test preparation.

Convenient Weekend Study Schedule

Our comprehensive weekend course lets you concentrate in an atmosphere free from distractions and interruptions.

Limited Class Size

In order to ensure a low student-to-instructor ratio, our GMAT courses have a limited enrolment with spaces allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. The small class size provides a comfortable setting with ample opportunity for interaction with our talented and experienced GMAT course instructors.

Free Practice GMAT Exam Tests With Review Of Questions

Our 48-hour course concludes with the writing of two full-length simulated Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT) during which testing conditions are carefully reproduced. This provides our students with an excellent opportunity to practice and review (under GMAT exam conditions) the many skills they have acquired during the course.

Our Talented and Experienced GMAT Course Instructors

We maintain the highest standards for all our instructors. We hire and extensively train only the most qualified instructors who have not only scored in the top 2% of all GMAT test-takers but who also have years of distinguished teaching experience.
At the end of each and every GMAT prep course, our students are asked to evaluate and review our teaching staff. They tell us that they find our course instructors approachable, highly knowledgeable, and able to present difficult material in a dynamic, useful, and creative manner which facilitates learning. To read student comments

Comprehensive Understanding of the Entire MBA School Application Process

In today's competitive academic climate, a winning application can be the difference that makes you stand out among the thousands of students applying to MBA programs across Canada (and the United States). Our GMAT preparation courses include a comprehensive review of all areas of the application and admissions process. This includes a comprehensive review of:

  • What MBA school admissions committees are REALLY looking for
  • Avoiding the traps and mistakes of other first-time applicants
  • Writing persuasive personal statements
  • Presentation of your academic grades
  • The importance of the GMAT score
  • Carefully choosing your references
  • How to highlight your extra-curricular activities
  • Which MBA schools should you apply to
  • Unique applications strategies for each Canadian MBA school
  • Mature students and special circumstances

Personal GMAT Tutoring Available

For those students who have particular difficulty with any aspect of the GMAT exam, we offer additional individual tutoring sessions with one of our highly skilled GMAT course instructors.
In addition to the extensive home study materials which every student receives, we also make available (for purchase or loan) additional GMAT practice materials from Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). These valuable resources will assist you in further study.

Our Commitment to You

Erudite provides excellence in test preparation at an affordable price. When asked to evaluate our courses, over 98% of our students say they recommend us to their friends. We offer high quality instruction for students who want to invest in their future. Our goal is to help you achieve an outstanding GMAT test score. Since 2010, we have successfully prepared thousands of students to write the GMAT exam.

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